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This assessment activity will provide your students a chance to apply what they've learned about object pronouns in French class (middle school immersion, or high school Core French levels) by reading a text and rewriting the relevant sections of it to replace objects that have already been mentioned or alluded to previously with direct or indirect object pronouns (les pronoms objets directs ou indirects, such as me, te, nous, vous, le, la, les, l', lui, leur) the adverbial pronoun y, or en. It also gives them a chance to relocate some objects from their erroneous English placement to precede the verb as they typically should. 

The package includes:
- An original single page text written as an FSL student may write it, without correct usage of object pronouns. (topic: a tween boy's birthday & friends/relationships/party planning)
- A single page glossary, containing about a dozen words, to help with differentiation or scaffolding as determined by the teacher.
- A scoring guide, with references to the four levels of achievement in the Ontario FSL curriculum.
- A complete answer key as part of the PDF.
- A PowerPoint version of the answer key (17 slides, sentence by sentence), to facilitate whole class discussion at the teacher's discretion.

If you like this product, please leave me a comment to let me know.  For any changes, suggestions, or other questions please email me (address is within the package) or use the Q&A feature.

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