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Looking for a special way to celebrate all the great things that your students do each day? Why not give brag tags a try?

Médailles merveilleuses (or “brag tags” in English) are a super fun, effective, simple classroom management technique, centred around noticing and rewarding the positive behaviours our students show and the great choices they make. At the start of the year, each student receives an empty necklace chain (I prefer the ball chain necklaces, which can be found inexpensively on Amazon). Throughout the year, they receive médailles (“dog tags”) to reward them for showing great behaviour and choices to add to their necklace. The aim is to collect as many as they can throughout the year and to continuously improve their behaviour. You decide how many you want to pass out each day. This is a fun set to use for celebrating academic achievements - there are lots of tags to congratulate students for various subjects and skills. The important thing is that students EARN their tags - we want them to be consciously reflecting and making good choices about how they interact with others!

To keep your tags durable and lasting all year, I strongly suggest laminating them before you cut them out. Then, just punch a hole at the top of the tag and store them in an easily accessible place so you can grab them as soon as your students show great behaviour.

Brag tags do use lots of ink and laminating sheets - it's a good idea to make sure that you are able to print and laminate them before deciding to purchase :)

This set includes 27 different spring-themed tags in French!
Included tags are:
- Je peux lire!
- J'ai lu mon premier livre
- Excellent(e) en écriture
- Fort(e) en français
- Merveilleux(euse) en maths
- Apte en addition
- Super en soustraction
- Je connais mes chiffres!
- Je connais mes lettres!
- Je connais mes formes!
- Je peux lire 10 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 20 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 30 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 40 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 50 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 60 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 70 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 80 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 90 mots fréquents!
- Je peux lire 100 mots fréquents!
- Savant(e) des sons composés!
- Superbe en sciences
- Artiste
- Magnifique en musique
- Très bon(ne) en technologie
- Doué(e) en drame
- Expert(e) en éduc

Print them all, or choose your favourites!

Check out the preview above for a closer look.

*As this is a Cliqueducation product, this download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only. . Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*

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