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French Immersion, Grade 4 Social Studies

Integrate this resource in your social studies unit about "Les sociétés anciennes 3000BCE-1500CE" with accurate information at the reading level of your French Immersion students!

This resource is intended to develop the vocabulary and content about the Ancient Civilizations unit in French, support the understanding and impact of ancient societies and provide students with some activities they will enjoy completing.

Learn in French the essential vocabulary about "Les sociétés anciennes" to support your language and social studies units, introduce essential vocabulary and stimulate oral communication.

This package includes 112 colourful slides. They are a great visual to help your students learn about this theme while meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 4 social studies curriculum. Enjoy this best seller!

This resource includes:
18 slides of flashcards of essential vocabulary with pictures about ancient societies
26 slides of flashcards of vocabulary to describe castes and social classes
12 slides of flashcards to describe historical objects
11 slides of flashcards of other essential vocabulary
11 slides of flashcards to describe the social and political organisations of ancient societies
31 slides of student activities to reinforce their understanding of some components of this unit (e.g.: mon vocabulaire d'études sociales, créer une ligne de temps, repérage géographique de ces sociétés, classification des civilisations par catégories, fiche de civilisation, impact d'une invention sur notre vie de tous les jours, mathématiques égyptiennes, cartouche égyptien, compare les sociétés maya, aztèque et inca, observe les cartes suivantes, des mots intéressants, les différents types de gouvernement, les principales religions du monde, quelle société ancienne?)
10 slides pour 1 projet de recherche: Comparaison des modes de vies de deux sociétés anciennes + grille d'évaluation
3 slides for visual art activities suggestions
2 slides for a lesson plan template

Ready to print on 8x11 paper.

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