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Les Études sociales de l’Ontario et le processus d’enquête: Inquiry-Based French Templates, 1ère à 8ème  
A Comprehensive Resource to apply the Ont. SS Inquiry-based Expectations, this unit of over 100 pages  is filled with French checklists, exit passes, and organizers to eliminate teachers’ stress due to the new Ontario Social Studies, Geography and History - Inquiry-based requirements for grades 1-8. 
Here you will find suggestions for:
-dealing with split classes 
-employing the techniques of “Assessment for, as and of learning” (including diagnostic, formative, metacognition and summative evaluation) according to Growing Success
-ideas for Inquiry-based research projects for Grades 1-8
-ideas for Learning Goals for each grade
-technology ideas to help keep you organized and bookmark your sites
-a plethora of organizers to lead the students through the 6 Specific Expectations A2. 1-6 and B2.1-6 (choosing an appropriate issue, brainstorming, formulating questions, gathering research, analyzing the information from maps and graphs, evaluating and drawing conclusions, using the writing process to create a rough draft and a good copy and finally presenting it in a creative, differentiated and authentic manner). 
-success criteria for this Inquiry-based rich task
(NOTE: Teacher instructions are in English but all student worksheets are in French) 
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