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French Immersion, Grade 8 Science

140 READY-MADE slides to support your work with your unit science about Cells! Check out the PREVIEW FILE. EVERYTHING YOU NEED! and SAVE YOURSELF HOURS OF WORK!!!!!!

Integrate this resource in your science unit about "Les cellules animales et végétales" with accurate information at the reading level of your French Immersion students!

This resource is intended to develop the vocabulary and content about the Cells unit in French, support the understanding of the social and environmental impacts of cells, cells manipulation and advances in technology and provide students with some activities that will deepen their understanding of cells.

Learn in French the essential vocabulary about "Les cellules" to support your language and science units, introduce essential vocabulary and stimulate oral communication. 

This package includes 140 colourful slides. They are a great visual to help your students learn about this theme while meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 8 science curriculum.

This resource includes:
41 slides of concepts about "Les cellules, les organites, la photosynthèse, la diffusion/l'osmose, la mitose, la respiration cellulaire, les cellules/tissus/organes/systèmes, la manipulation des cellules, les virus et maladies, le cancer, Les avances technologiques, la manipulation d'un microscope, etc."
27 slides of flashcards about the vocabulary linked to cells
12 slides about a written task related to the manipulation of cells and "biologie cellulaire + evaluation rubric
3 slides about a research project on a disease
16 slides of experiments: 
2 laboratoires de microscope, 
1 expérience sur le transport de l'eau dans les plantes, 
1 expérience sur l'osmose 
1 sur la diffusion, 
construction 3D de cellule+ rubrique
27 slides of student activities ( ce que je sais sur les cellules, mon vocabulaire de science, les cellules et l'énergie, les parties de la cellule, les cellules animales et végétales, éléments communs et différences entre cellules, organites et fonctions, associe le rôle des structures, vivant/non-vivant, parties d'un microscope, parties et fonction du microscope, diffusion et osmose, consignes de manipulation du microscope, la métose, les phases de la mitose, les systèmes du corps humain, etc.)
3 slides for a quiz + answers
4 slides of French websites to support this unit
2 slides about a lesson plan template

Ready to print on 8x11 paper or display on your white board.

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