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French Immersion, Grade 6 Sciences Sociales

Le Canada dans la communauté globale? Have you noticed how hard it is to get good solid information in French on this topic? Search no more! All the support materials to teach this long unit of study are right here.

Integrate this resource in your social studies unit about "Canada dans la communauté globale" with accurate information at the reading level of your French Immersion students!

This resource is intended to develop the vocabulary and content about Canada in the world unit in French, support the understanding and social and environmental impacts of trading partners, international agreements and international organizations and provide students with some activities they will enjoy completing.

Learn in French the essential vocabulary about "Canada dans la communauté globale" to support your language and social studies units, introduce essential vocabulary and stimulate oral communication. 

This package includes 80 colourful slides. CHECK THE PREVIEW FILE! They are a great visual to help your students learn about this theme while meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 6 social studies curriculum.

This resource includes:
2 slides of concepts about "les exportations et importations importantes du Canada"
25 slides of flashcards about the vocabulary linked to this unit
2 slides to define "la pauvreté dans le monde"
1 slide about "les conséquences économiques de la mondialisation"
5 slides about "la répartition de la richesse dans le monde"
4 slides about " un citoyen du monde" and "le commerce équitable"
18 slides of student activities ( acronymes et logos d'organisations internationales, carte des partenaires commerciaux, tableau récapitulatif, enjeu de société de portée internationale, définitions de mots, liste d'accords et d'organisations internationaux, mon pays en chiffres, travail de recherche, grandes lignes d'un article de journal, etc.)
13 slides describing "la production de cacao équitable" with student activities and discussion questions. They will match pictures to text and investigate the main chocolatiers of the world
3 slides: projet de recherche sur un partenaire commercial et cadre de réponses

Ready to print on 8x11 paper or display.

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