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French Immersion, Grade 6 Science

Integrate this resource in your science unit about "La biodiversité" with accurate information at the reading level of your French Immersion students!

This resource is intended to develop the vocabulary and content about the Biodiversity unit in French, support the understanding and impact of living organisms and provide students with some activities they will enjoy completing.

Learn in French the essential vocabulary about "La biodiversité" to support your language and science units, introduce essential vocabulary and stimulate oral communication. 

This package includes 65 colourful slides. They are a great visual to help your students learn about this theme while meeting the curriculum expectations of the Grade 6 science curriculum.

This resource includes:
30 slides of flashcards of essential vocabulary and concepts with pictures about biodiversity
5 slides of flashcards of camouflaged animals well adapted to their environment
2 slides to describe the relationships between species
6 slides to describe endangered species
4 slides about the influence of humans on their environment
3 slides about invasive species + 1 activity
4 slides of activities about a variety of food chains to identify predators, consumers and decomposers
4 slides of activities: les 5 règnes, la représentation de la biodiversité, un questionnaire
6 slides to introduce a project about an animal species of choice with rubric and note organizers 

Ready to print on 8x11 paper.

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