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HUMEUR et HUMOUR : A collection of 5 humorous, engaging and innovative dialogues with activities, answer sheet, a lexicon, the English version of the dialogues and 125 flashcards already formatted.
This text will bring the French classroom home where the parents, through the English version of the dialogues, will become interested in the french work of their children. By so doing, the French language becomes more relevant to many parents because they are offered the opportunity to learn it and engage their children. Appropriate for Core, Extended, Immersion French and independent home study. 
1. Le Tableau et Ses Amis:
Contenu : Une conversation entre le tableau et le pupitre.
This dialogue allows the chalkboard and the desk to introduce the classroom objects to the students. When humour takes charge, the learning process becomes more rewarding and relevant.
Notions grammaticales: Les articles définis (le, la, l’, les) et les pronoms sujjets et le verbe être.
2. Sois Content!
Contenu: Une conversation entre le plafond et le plancher.
A humorous way of introducing prepositions and adverbs in French. The students will enjoy reading this dialogue, laugh, act it out, and above all, learn how to use the prepositions and adverbs verbally in French before writing them.
Niveau: 4e-6e 
Notions grammaticales: Les prépositions et adverbes (sur, sous, à côté..), le verbe être.
3. Ce N'est Pas Juste.
Contenu : Rose, by lecturing Ronnie on being impolite, ends up with as many detentions as him.
This dialogue describes what students experience every day at school. The students enjoy presenting it in groups in front of their peers. 
Niveau: 4e – 7e 
Notions grammaticales : Verbe être, féminin et pluriel des noms
4. Parfait!
Content: Teachers don’t like to see students forget school materials at home, but…
A dialogue that reflects the daily activities of the classroom and helps the students speak French while enjoying every minutes of the class time. 
Niveau: 5e - 9e 
Notions grammaticales : Verbe avoir, les articles indéfinis
5. Touriste Pour La Vie:
Content: Arthur is the center of attention because he sees life differently from others. This type of dialogues engages the students, makes them laugh and learn how to use a proper vocabulary in French. The fact that 2 or more are involved in the dialogues makes the process of learning more relevant and rewarding.
Notions grammaticales : Les verbes en « er ».
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