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Français—Immersion: “Report Card Comment or Next Steps” Checklists —For the 4 Language Strands (From Grades 1-8 Ontario Specific Expectations)
This 78 page resource contains checklists for 1-40 students (hopefully not that many ever!) from Grades 1-8 in French Immersion Language’s 4 Strands of Specific Expectations for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The checklists may be used for assisting in writing report card comments or for next steps since they are all based on the specific expectations from the "Ontario French As A Second Language Curriculum, 2013". I used these checklists as I marked assignments to either put a mark/level, check mark or a tally mark in the box under the specific expectation or to put an x under the specific expectation where the student was not fulfilling a requirement. 
Hope this simplifies your report card writing task. 
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