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This is the two-week trial of the DJ DELF Dailies videos, activity tools and assessment guide package for French bell work and conversation starters. 

This free trial comes with: 6 "Sujet du jour" videos, 6, "Énigme du jour" videos, 2 "Jeudimage" videos, 2 "Mardi musique" videos, the complete DJ DELF Dailies Activity Tools and Assessment Guide pdf and an intro video (not that the Dailies need explaining, but just in case).

This is the trial package. Let us know what you think by dropping us message.

The complete version of the DJ DELF Dailies Interactive Videos Package comes with over 300 videos. That is almost 8 hours of video content (68GB) worth of French videos for French students of all ages, grades and levels. It is like having DJ DELF co-teach with you all year or for the rest of your career! Another French voice to work alongside of you.

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  What is the format of the video? Can I receive it online in the form of a file? Merci!
Hi Susan. Yes you can. The videos are usually mp4 format. :) You can reach me at info@educorock.com if you have any other questions.