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Looking for a fun addition to your students’ interactive notebooks or alphabet study? Do you need an engaging way to help your students remember their anchor words for each letter of the alphabet, en français? These French ABC Crafts are sure to be a hit!

These crafts use uppercase letters to make an object that begins with each letter. For example, students will use the letter A to make an avion. Each craft comes with two templates: 

Template 1: You can choose to print all of the craft pieces on one sheet of white paper, and then have your students colour the pieces, cut them out, and put them together.

 Template 2: You can print or trace directly onto coloured paper! This option saves time as your students won’t be colouring, but it does cost more money and time for you.

 This resource includes one craft for each letter, except Cc and Gg (they get two!). I have included a craft for both hard and soft sounds for those letters. So, you will get templates for 28 crafts in total (and two templates for each craft).

If you use my  other alphabet resources, these crafts correspond exactly to my other anchor words except for the letter Oo. In my other resources, I use oreille as the anchor word, but I couldn't figure out how to make an engaging oreille craft. So, in this resource only, I use an orange for the letter Oo.

Images used for each letter:

A- avion

B- bateau

C- citrouille ET cadeau

D- dinosaure

E- escargot

F- fourmi

G- girafe ET gateau

H- hippopotame

I- igloo

J- jardin

K- kangourou

L- lion

M- mouton

N- nuage

O- orange

P- poisson

Q- queue

R- robot

S- soleil

T- tortue

U- uniforme

V- vache

W- wagon

X- xylophone

Y- yoyo

Z- zèbre

 This resource pairs VERY well with my Interactive Notebook resource. Each craft fits on a standard notebook-sized piece of paper, so you can have your students create the crafts as you learn each letter of the alphabet, and add them to a page in their Interactive Notebook with their other activities. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ALPHABET INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOK (designed especially with Kindergarten in mind!).

*As this is a CliqueEducation product, this download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only.  Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*

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